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Singer 319 Hand Crank, Treadle, Zigzag, One or Two Needles Sewing Machine

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  • How to increase power of your sewing machine?


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Every one knows principle of mounting bike. When you go up on a hill you have to use lower gears. With low gears you have less speed and more power. In this case your speed is depending how fast you peddle your bike and the power is depending how strong you are.


Same principle of lower gears I used to customized this 319W machine                                    Singer 319W Hand Crank

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  • The original Singer pulley is twice bigger than new one. In this scenario small pulley (doubles the power) on a new motor – is a smallest chain ring on bike’s pedal – lower gear). And original Singer motor is only 0.6Amps compare to the new one – 1.5Amps. The combination of new hand wheel and more powerful motor with small pulley on it – increases power and speed. With 1,227SPM (stitches per minute, compare to the original – 750SPM) it does increase the productivity at 60%. That means the job you usually done for 8.00 hours now can be done for 3 hours 12 min. Another words – if you worked 6 days a week by 8.00 hours per day – your total hours per week is 48 (6x8=48). Now you will spend 19 hours and 12 minutes per week (3 hour 12 min x by 6 days = 19 hours and 12 min.) – it’s less than 3 days. Use your math - per month, per year… – that’s a lot of time/money savings.
    • NOTE: I wouldn’t recommend using high torque speed on leather – you’ll burn needle and it may cause damage of the bobbin case.
    • When you pedaling the bike you use your own energy and power to increase the speed. To control the speed of the sewing machine you use variable speed foot control (motor foot controller/pedal).


  • The hand wheel was replaced for many reasons. One of them I just described above. The second is to give more power on a thickness to piercing leather or upholstery turning the wheel by hand. And the third reason – is to upgrade the best sewing machine to the hand crank level, which is always in demand. Plus more – now you can use this machine as a treadle sewing machine. Imagine – top of the line, zigzag, one or two needles 319W upgraded to the treadle or hand crank sewing machine! Just add it to the treadle table or switch from motor to hand crank and your dream did come through.


  • With combinations of the unique hand wheel, hand crank, power, speed and productivity – you have now more than top of the line! You can take this machine anywhere you go and worry free there is no power. You are really cannot ask more from what I had done...

                                  for you!

NOTE: Any 319 model could be done like mine, but in order to do it you have to make major changes to the sewing machine and to have special tools. You cannot just take off the original Singer hand wheel and replace with the treadle wheel – in this case the bobbin winder will not work at all. Same story with the hand crank - it won’t fit if you wouldn’t make the appropriate changes.

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